STOS “The Game Creator” is a dialect of the BASIC programming language implemented on the Atari ST computer. STOS BASIC was originally developed by Jawx, François Lionet, and Constantin Sotiropoulos and published by Mandarin Software (later becoming Europress Software). STOS was specifically designed for creating games, but the set of powerful high-level graphics and sound commands it offered made it suitable for developing multimedia-intense software without any knowledge of the internals of the Atari ST.

One of the great features of STOS was the ability to extend it’s functionality by adding new commands via machine code extensions. Many extensions were created, with a number of notable ones standing out from the crowd. These extensions created a new lease of life for the product, which is still going strong today!

Here at STOS Coders, we intend to keep this programming language alive for many years to come!