Welcome to the AMOS and STOS Coders Website (AMOSSER and STOSSER). This website is dedicated to supporting two of the greatest BASIC programming languages ever released:  AMOS for the Commodore Amiga and STOS for the Atari ST.

What made AMOS and STOS special is that they allowed anyone to write commercial quality games without having to learn more difficult languages such as machine code. They were special versions of the BASIC programming language that included commands to do so much more than any other version of BASIC on the market at the time. Any type of game or program was possible to create in just a few simple lines of code, and great achievements could be made with a little extra work.

Back in the day, AMOS and STOS coders were all part of a big community. For STOS, the main resource was the STOSSER Diskzine, where every STOS coder wrote articles and helped each other by providing code, sprites, extensions, and more; which benefited the entire STOS community. All 29 issues of STOSSER have been provided for you in the STOSSER Diskzine section of this site, and can be downloaded and run via an Atari ST Emulator such as Steem. You can also read them online.

AMOS and STOS are available to download from their relevant Downloads section.

Francois Lionet, the main programmer behind AMOS and STOS, has returned with AOZ. With 30 years more experience behind him, we know that AOZ is going to be something really special. It is our goal not only to relive the special times we had, but to get together and support a large community of AOZ programmers. Programming will be fun as well as easy with AOZ. Please support Francois as he builds AOZ by visiting his Patreon Page and sign up to a plan.

More information on AOZ can be found on the AOZ website. There you will find lots of information about the new product, along with the beta version for testing. There is also a forum for further help and support during the creation of this new exciting language.

For users of STOS Basic, there is a dedicated Facebook group called STOS Coders. They also have a YouTube Channel.  For AMOSPro users, there is a group called AMOSPro coding.  Both have grown rapidly within the past year or so.  STOS Coders currently has 395+ members, while AMOSPro coding has 992+ members.  Join up as soon as you can!

Should you wish to contribute to the running of this site, you can do so by getting in touch with any reviews, articles, games, demos or source code or you can also make a donation to the running costs of the site.

Happy Coding!

Deano, Michael & Neil.